About Forget-Me-Not Preschool

Forget-Me-Not Preschool, in its 10th year of operation, is place where children are nurtured and inspired according to Waldorf principles of early childhood education, which centers around creating a warm, rhythmical, and predictable setting where activities such as baking, painting, gardening and handicrafts, can be imitated by the children as they learn about their world.

Our facilities are incorporated into a beautiful, quiet, and safe home setting, with climbing structure, sand box and our lovely hen family!

We take great care in getting to know each child and their individual temperament and needs so they can develop to their full potential as they learn and interact with the other children.

About Tanya Preston

Tanya (Auntie Tanya) was born in Belarus, a European centered country with pine forests, azure lakes and a rich history. She remembers herself as a happy child spending a lot of time playing with sand at the bank of the Neman River. Her destiny led her to take up educational studies and teaching.

Tanya holds two BA degrees, one in History and one in early Childhood Education and Psychology from the Universities of Grodno and Minsk. Tanya has 37 years of teaching experience - she worked for seventeen years as a Preschool and Kindergarten teacher and principal in Belarus, and seven years as a Waldorf Preschool kindergarten teacher in Hawaii at the Honolulu Waldorf School. During these years, she completed her training as a preschool kindergarten teacher in Hawaii and also The West Coast Institute in Duncan, British Columbia.

Tanya helped to start and build up Sweet Peas Waldorf Preschool in Kirkland where she was lead and co-teacher for four years. She always dreamed of starting her own Waldorf pre-school and has initiated this in Forget-Me-Not Preschool!

Tanya has a love for puppetry with its imaginative and therapeutic qualities and has put on many shows for children and parents. She is a member of the North American Association for the Renewal of Puppetry Arts and a puppeteer at Willow Branch Puppet Theater in Seattle. Her husband has been a Waldorf class teacher for 36 years and recently retired as a class teacher at the Bright Water Waldorf School in Seattle.

Tanya loves to learn about different cultures and includes in the Waldorf curriculum festivals from different countries, with games, stories and food. Tanya has a grown-up daughter who graduated from the Honolulu Waldorf High School and has two granddaughters aged 14 and 7.