Forget-Me-Not Preschool offers a full Waldorf early childhood curriculum for children 3, 4, and 5 years old.

Festival celebrations

children at Kirkland, WA preschool holding lanterns at festivalThe Waldorf curriculum traditionally follows the seasons of the year. In the Fall the festivals of Michaelmas, Halloween, St. Martin and Thanksgiving are acknowledged through stories and activities. December begins the Advent Season celebrated with the traditional Winter Garden of Lights. St. Nicholas pays a visit on December 6! After Christmas, the Three Kings linger with us, and spring celebrations begin with Easter, followed by May Day.

The traditional Waldorf birthday celebration is experienced by each member of the class and their parents. Although the Christian calendar is traditionally the template for most of the season's celebrations, I am open to celebrating any religious or cultural holiday that would be appropriate for the children.

Waldorf and Media

The Waldorf curriculum strives to develop the imagination of the child and encourages children to discover who they are through imaginative play that is fashioned from their own impulses. Imaginative play lays the foundation for creative problem solving, self motivation and self confidence in later years. In light of this goal, parents are strongly encouraged to limit and monitor the viewing of television, movies, DVDs, etc. Ideally, young children should not engage in "screen activities" more than a half an hour a day. Instead of electronic media I give my children pictures made by words - I tell them stories. Fairy and animal tales are wonderful nourishment for their young souls.


A young child learns through action and imitation - by seeing and doing. That is why in Forget-Me-Not Preschool children have plenty to do. Activities of the day include circle time, story telling, puppet shows, play-acting, gardening, painting colors with plant-based watercolors, drawing with beeswax crayons, beeswax modeling, simple crafts for celebrating festivals, cooking and baking, play with water and sand, household activities like washing, folding and ironing napkins, sweeping the room and cleaning the toys, washing the dishes after snack time, and sewing.

Toys and Materials

Children learn through their entire organism. They live and learn through their senses - touch, smell, warmth, and texture, etc. They are one with their environment. They take everything "in." At Forget-Me-Not, children can play with home-made and natural toys made of wood, silk, cotton and wool so they connect to the natural world. Toys are open-ended, simple and universal in concept.


The Preschool provides snacks and lunches. Snacks are simple and organic - fruit, rice crackers or sunflower seeds with warm herb tea. They can be adjusted to meet most allergy needs. Lunches will be cooked organic grains with vegetables or soups with bread which we make with the children.

Outdoor Play and Walks

Children will play outside every day rain or shine! We have a green belt behind our fully fenced yard with a little creek and a bridge in a nearby park that we will explore on our daily walks.

Kirkland, WA Waldorf-inspired preschoolers walk in woods

Rhythm of the Day

9:00 am - Day starts

  • - Free play
  • - Activities: baking, cooking, painting, beeswax modeling
  • - Clean up
  • - Circle time
  • - Snack
  • - Washing the dishes
  • - Outside play/walks
  • - Story time
  • - Lunch

1:00 pm - Good-bye

Parent communication

A Newsletter is sent home monthly to keep parents up-to-date with what is happening at Forget-Me-not Preschool. Parent-Teacher Conferences are held twice per year.

Other Celebrations

For celebrations of the Lantern Walk, Spring Parade and May Day, children and parents are warmly invited to take part in these events at the Three Cedars Waldorf School in Bellevue WA.