Parent Comments

The two years our son, Finn, attended Forget-Me-Not preschool in Kirkland were the most magical years. Each day was filled with imaginative play, storytelling, sharing meals and time spent exploring outdoors. It is so important for children to be able to explore and connect with nature. These daily walks and time spent playing outside give the children the opportunity to experience how things grow and change in nature. Some of our son's favorite memories are from these times spent outside. The walks where they got to experience the rushing creek after a heavy rain or watching for spring bulbs to pop their heads out of the ground. His excitement and amazement at seeing things start to grow and sharing it with his friends will always be something he remembers. The kind and loving environment at Forget-Me-Not allowed my son to learn and grow without any pressure. There could not have been a better place for him. We feel truly blessed to have had these two years with Auntie Tanya and her wonderful little school.

— Louise and Quentin Incao, Woodinville, WA

Our children Elliot and Lia were able to spend 2 1/2 years with Tanya at Forget-Me-Not preschool. She provides a safe, creative, and nurturing experience throughout. Walking into her yard is like entering a special magical land where time moves a little more slowly and flowers grow everywhere. Her home is full of wonderful aromas of home-cooked meals, the sound of song, and beautiful hand-crafted toys. I wish I could have had a place like that to go when I was very young! She loves children and has such a great way with them which leaves them happy and peaceful. They loved being there, and still ask to stop and see Auntie Tanya when we drive past Kirkland. She will always have a place in their hearts.

— Nicole Adams, Bellevue, WA

Our daughter attended two years of preschool with Tanya ("Auntie Tanya" to the students) at Sweetpeas. Auntie Tanya is a wonderful Waldorf style preschool teacher who is a fantastic story teller and who develops caring relationships with each individual student. We are still amazed at how our daughter's imagination, social skills, and confidence in herself increased every day. Our family was blessed to have Auntie Tanya in our lives for preschool. We whole-heartedly recommend that anyone looking for a preschool to check out Forget-Me-Not Preschool.

— Rick and Julie, Bothell, WA

Tanya provided our son with warm and loving care for two years during his preschool development. She supported him and the other children in a calm and kind atmosphere, while filling their creative spirits with beautiful music, crafts and puppet shows. The first thing our son always looked forward to on arrival at preschool was, "what am I going to play today?" Tanya helped to make these playful days full of excitement and spiritual nourishment. We feel very lucky to have met Aunty Tanya.

— Maggie and Peter Bailey, Kirkland, WA

When we first met Tanya, our daughter, Ella, was a very shy and timid little girl who could barely tolerate being away from her family. Tanya was a warm and kind energy that put Ella at ease. We have learned what it is to be a Waldorf family, and Ella is now an energetic, outgoing non-stop talking social butterfly. We are SO grateful to have found Tanya and her Forget-Me-Not preschool! We will be forever thankful to Tanya for opening our daughter’s imagination and creativity and we are so excited to show her what an amazing foundation she helped lay when Ella graduates high school one day.

— Steph Evans, Seattle, WA

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